Orbegozo Toaster Two Slices TO 4012

Orbegozo Toaster Two Slices TO 4012

SKU: TO 4012

The Orbegozo TO 4012 long-slot toaster is versatile, very useful and easy to use when preparing your breakfast. Among its benefits is the heating of different foods, in addition to toast. For example, all kinds of pastries for breakfast or snack.

The TO 4012 toaster has seven levels, which allows you to obtain the optimal or desired point of roasting. Similarly, it has a quick stop button, which prevents or prevents the toast from going over the desired temperature. Its electrical power is 850 W.


On the other hand, this equipment incorporates defrost and reheating function as a complement to its performance. As far as its cleaning is concerned, the TO 4012 brings a handy tray pickers, which will allow you to keep the toaster always clean. As for the storage of your equipment, the Orbegozo toaster you can store it very comfortably, thanks to its function collects cables.




• Cold touch housing.
• Thermostat.
• 3 LED control lights.
• Automatic disconnection.
• Thawing function.
• Overheating function.
• Quick stop.
• Tray pickers.
• Heat rolls.
• Collect cables.
• Power: 850W.

• Voltage: 220-240 V – 50 Hz

Colour: White