Orbegozo Professional Fryer fdr 45

Orbegozo Professional Fryer fdr 45

SKU: fdr 45

Orbegozo's professional FDR fryers allow you to fry in your own home as if you were a chef. It is a team with the best materials, technological innovation and ease of handling. Now the chips will be on point and with the right consistency. The little ones in the home will be amazed. The fryer offers up to 4 liters of capacity to fry any type of food. In Orbegozo we bring you the best of haute cuisine to your home.


The adjustable thermostat and the built-in window-viewfinder cover structure of the FDR 45 allow a controlled and complete cooking of food. The potatoes and chicken will be crispy on the outside and well cooked on the inside. It will be like being in a restaurant, but you won't have to pay for a quality product. The fryer is easy to use and also to clean.




• Maximum capacity: 4 L.
• Adjustable thermostat.
• Removable cover with window.
• Indicator light.
• Power: 2,000 W.