Orbegozo Oil Radiator (RF 1500)

Orbegozo Oil Radiator (RF 1500)

SKU: Orbegrf1500

It heats your home thanks to the RF Series of Orbegozo oil radiators. It's never been easier to adjust the temperature of your room: use the high-precision adjustable thermostat and the three power levels of each model to achieve the greatest possible comfort. The RF series of Orbegozo radiators combines a modern and elegant design with simple and comfortable use. We have four different sizes and powers so you can choose the one that best suits the room you want to heat.

Orbegozo oil radiators have elements of high thermal inertia that ensure a fast and homogeneous dispersion of heat through its metal body. Let the heat accompany you at home: The radiators of our RF series include four wheels and a handle that make it easy to move them from room to stay. Forget about hassle and complications, our radiators have a simple assembly and are extremely quiet.

Your safety matters to us, that's why we have included a hot melt with limiter that disconnects the radiator automatically in case its temperature rises excessively.



• Modular construction.
• 3 power levels: 600, 900, 1500 W.
• Calorific elements of great thermal inertia.
• Adjustable thermostat.
• Safety hot melt with limiter.
• LED operating lights.
• Multidirectional pivot wheels.
• Easy handling.
• Handle for transport.
• With cable collects.
• Number of elements:
7. • Measures (width x height x length): 28 x 63 x 34 cm.
• Connection: 230 V~50 Hz.

Colour: White