Orbegozo Juicer EP 2210

Orbegozo Juicer EP 2210

SKU: EP 2210

Orbegozo has a wide range of high quality juicers, designed to facilitate family life through a simple-to-use product. In this regard, the EP 2210 juicer has everything you need in terms of technology and practicality.

With a power of 25 W and a capacity to squeeze up to a liter of juice, this juicer is ideal to enjoy a delicious completely natural juice.


In addition, it has an automatic right-to-left turn function and a pulp regulator for maximum juice. In addition, it also incorporates an automatic start and stop function that facilitates its use and two squeezing cones.

For Orbegozo it has always been a priority to develop practical and easy-to-use products and the EP 2210 juicer is no exception. Thinking about it, bring a removable tank with handle and the accessories are removable and are suitable for the dishwasher.








• Power: 25W.

• Capacity: 1 liter.
• Removable tank with handle.
• Pulp regulator.
• 2 squeezing cones.
• Anti-drip system.
• Roll cables.
• Automatic right/left turn function.
• Automatic start/stop function.
• Transparent lid.
• Washable accessories in dishwashers.
• Connection: 230 V – 50 Hz.

Colour: White