Orbegozo Fan Heater (FH 5009)

Orbegozo Fan Heater (FH 5009)

SKU: Orbefh5009

At Orbegozo we offer you the FH 5009 heater, with a modern horizontal design and functional measures; an excellent option to air condition your home and ensure the comfort of your family.


The Orbegozo FH5009 heater is an optimal quality equipment that includes a thermostat regulator to adapt the temperatures to your needs. It adapts to any space and style of decoration.

The anti-freeze function is activated by the combination of power 2000 W and thermostat at minimum temperature. It also has 2 heat positions: 1000 and 2000W of heat.


Orbegozo, using state-of-the-art technology and to guarantee the correct functioning of its equipment, incorporates protection against overheating, extending the useful life of your equipment. It also has an ignition control light and fan function, which makes the FH 5009 a complete and efficient heating system.



• Thermostat regulator.
• Anti-freeze function.
• 2 heat positions 1000 and 2000 W.
• 2 Cold positions 1000 and 2000 W.
• Fan function.
• Control light.
• Protection against overheating.

Colour: White