Orbegozo Electric Plate PE 2855

Orbegozo Electric Plate PE 2855

SKU: PE 2855

Choosing equipment to cook or heat meals requires thinking about some features depending on the use to be given. That is why in Orbegozo we worry about making your tasks at home more comfortable and simple. In this aspect, the Orbegozo PE 2855 electric plate has a comfortable folding handles to facilitate the storage of the device. With the possibility of folding its handles it is easier to find a space in any kitchen for use.


This electric plate has 2500 W of power distributed in two cooking surfaces of 155 mm and 185 mm respectively.


It incorporates 2 thermostats to regulate the intensity of each fire individually. In this way, two types of cooking can be controlled at the same time without the need to interfere with each other.


Two light indicators warn individually which of the cooking areas is in operation.


In the safety section, its overheating protection system automatically turns off the device if it reaches out-of-the-ordinary temperatures.




  • Power: 2500 W.
  • Cooking surface: 155 mm and 185 mm in diameter.
  • Power: 1 x 1000 W + 1 x 1500 W.
  • Folding handles.
  • 2 thermostats of adjustable intensity.
  • 2 light indicators.
  • Security system against overheating.
  • Great stability.
  • Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz.
Colour: black