Orbegozo Electric Plate PE 2810

Orbegozo Electric Plate PE 2810

SKU: PE 2810

Choosing equipment to cook or heat meals requires thinking about some features depending on the use to be given. In Orbegozo we worry about making your tasks at home more comfortable and simple. An important detail to acquire an electric plate is the power it has. These equipments achieve an intense heating that favors fast cooking. Orbegozo's PE 2810 has 1500 W of power and is regulated by thermostat.


Once turned off, the plate has a heat reserve that is used for the final touch of the dishes. Safety is another point that influences the decision to purchase an electric plate. Like all Orbegozo products, technology is included to offer guaranteed use. Its ignition light and the anti-overheating system are the basis to prevent breakages and burns.




• Power 1500W.

• Adjustable intensity thermostat.
• 18.5 cm in diameter.
• Great stability.
• Ignition light indicator.
• Anti-overheating security system.
• Fixed connection cable.
• Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz.

Colour: black