Orbegozo Ceiling Fan CF 05132 M

Orbegozo Ceiling Fan CF 05132 M

SKU: CF 05132 M

n Orbegozo we aim to offer more and better products to all our customers. That is why we present this practical and functional ceiling fan, designed to exceed the highest expectations and demands.

Thanks to its power of 60 W, 4 reversible blades and 3 ventilation speeds, it is possible not only to guarantee an optimal air flow, but also to regulate it according to the needs of each moment.


The ceiling fan CF 05132 has the indisputable seal of quality and durability that characterizes all the products of the brand. In addition, its design in old gold color combines perfectly with the decoration of different rooms.


Reversible ventilation system


In summer, when we turn on the ceiling fan, a direct air stream is created that provides a feeling of breeze that disperses the heat on the skin. The airflow that is created is projected to the ground where it pushes the colder air to the areas closest to the ceiling and cooling the warmer air.

This makes the thermal sensation of a room decrease several degrees.


On the other hand, in winter, the lack of air circulation due to the closure of doors and windows in order to avoid strong currents of cold air, causes the hot air to stay accumulated in the roof while the cold air stays in the area near the ground.


This is why the CF 05132 M incorporates the reversible ventilation system. This function allows to reverse the direction of movement of the blades, causing the hot air to be pushed towards the walls and towards the floor of the room. In this way the stagnant hot air in the ceiling is used to heat the cold areas of the room.


The use of the reversible ventilation system in winter, provides a saving in the electricity bill by up to 30%. This is possible thanks to the combination of a primary heating system with the use of a ceiling fan with reversible ventilation system.




  • Diameter: 132 cm.
  • Old gold color.
  • 4 reversible blades.
  • Reversible ventilation system: winter and summer mode.
  • 3 ventilation speeds.
  • Power: 60 W.
  • Height: 37 cm.